Thursday, July 22, 2010

busy week.

It'a only Thursday and this has been a busy week. Where to start, well my friend who is sick is starting to feel better. Thank God. I made her 2 more get well cards. She's loving the ones she's gotten so far. The card with the turtle is my fav. so far because it's a spinner card and those are my favorite cards to make.

Then yesterday I got my test results back from the doctor. Everything was fine. I'm not diabetic which was the best news. Still need to work on my weight but than who doesnt'. After that we went to a dragon's game. A friend gave us her awesome seats behind home play. We lost bad last night but still had a good time.

Finally, on Wednesday my local scrapbook store had a clas called cardology. I so look forward to my Wednesdays during the summer and breaks. Well yesterday we had a celebration for the two great women how put this on every week. Val designs the cards and teaches the class and Kathy is a jackie of all trades, she passes out things and helps whenever you need help. So we all made cards to say thank you for their hard work and here is the card I made.

Well off to have lunch with my mother today and than just hanging around the house making more get well cards and start on things for my classroom. Can't believe training is starting in a little over a week. Will have to find a way to make time to create because I'm enjoying it so much.

Have a good rest of your week.


Monday, July 19, 2010

get well card 2

Well my friend loved her weiner card. So I have another one to send out tomorrow for her. This one I got from a card in the Spring copy of Just Cards. I used my HeroArts cupcake stamps. I use all the time. And some scrap paper I had in my scrap box. I hope she likes this one too. She goes back to the doctor Friday and hopefully we will get a good report.



Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday card

Made a cute card for my neighbor's birthday. We share dogs in common. Her Brandi and our Teddy love to play together when Teddy gets out of our yard. We haven't figured out how he gets in Brandi's fenced in yard but he does it. Thus the dog card. I used stamps from Inky Antics.



get well card

I made a get well card for my friend I teach with. She's had surgery at the end of June and is not doing well. I'm trying to send her a few cards every week to keep her spirits up. I just wish I could get her to eat. Take a peek I hope she gets a good laugh.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mother-in law's birthday

Just finished a card for my mother-in-laws birthday. I used jenna Barber's idea off of splitcoast stampers. I used my stampin'up stamps just buzzing by. I embosed the honey pots on the back layer of white and used my copic markers to color the hive and bee's. I'm going to add some stickles to the bee's wings to give it even more bling. I hope she likes it.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July cards

This weekend is the 4th of July and we have 3 cook-outs to go to so I'm making cards for the hostess of each. The first one is my mother in law the whole family is getting together at a park in Trotwood. The second one is at a friend from church. Both of them are tommorrow so their cards are done. The firecracker card I got the inspiration from splitcoast stampers. The poster was Zizzie78 and I wanted to give her credit since I pretty much scraplifted her card. Thanks Zizzie78. The other card was was soemthing I just came up with. I used stamps from our craft lounge called patriotic parade. I hope you enjoy.

Tim's birthday

Tuesday was Tim's birthday and we spent it having dinner out than went to see Eclipse at Midnight. Go Team Jacob. Monday we went to see the Dragons play and I had his Birthday posted on the big screen. I'm attaching picture of the big screen and the card I made for his birthday.

Here is Tim's birthday cake. We discovered his favorite cake place ele' now makes sugar free cake so he can now have cake on his birthday without worry of spiking his sugar.